Frequently Asked Questions.

What is South Florida Boat Club all about?
Our members have all the benefits of owning their own boat but none of the cost or hassle that goes with it, which ultimately gives them more time to enjoy the water with family and friends. You use the boats and we take care of everything that boat owners hate to do and pay for; storage, dockage, maintenance, insurance, taxes and actually cleaning the boat. We provide the care-free alternative to boat ownership at a fraction of the cost of ownership, while maintaining the highest quality of service.
How do I know there will be boats available?
We have the largest fleet of boats to provide an unmatched selection and availability for our members. Please see our fleet photos page to review the size of our fleet and more specific details. Our reservation system ensures that all members have equal access to the boats 24 hours a day, plus members can make guaranteed reservations up to six months in advance. Weekday boating is typically quiet except during holiday weeks and after hours boating is available for those quiet evenings for a sunset cruise. To book specific weekends simply make reservations ahead of time up to six months in advance. We carefully manage our fleet size to match the needs of our members.
How do I make reservations?
Reservations can be made online 24/7 using our internet reservations system. Reservations can also be made by calling our office on a dedicated reservation line Monday through Friday 9am – 1230 pm. You will get to know our team and they will handle all of your boating needs here in South Florida.
How long have you been in business?
The boat club has been in operation in South Florida since 2003 and has been the leading boat club in the area since inception.  

How do I know that your boats are safe for me and my family to use?
We go to great lengths to insure that our boats meet all USCG safety standards and guidelines. We have the Coast Guard inspect our boats each year to be certain our boats are in compliance. Each boat after it is inspected receives a current sticker placed visibly on the side of the vessel showing the inspection has been performed by the coast guard. Secondly every member goes through a safety check out each time they use our boats to be certain the member knows where all safety gear is located on each vessel. We use certified mechanics on all of our our boats and perform 100 hour services to insure that the boats are properly serviced. By leveraging a sophisticated preventative maintenance program we are able to keep our boats in excellent condition. We have full time mechanics available to react to repair issues quickly and team members are dedicated to fleet first impression.
Can I use boats at the Miami and Fort Lauderdale locations?
Yes, our members can make reservations at both of our locations.
What type of boats do you have in the club?
We maintain a variety of boats including center console, bow rider, deck and cruiser models. Our goal is to match our fleet to our member’s interests. To view our fleet simply select the link for Fleet Photo’s and you can view all of our boats. The name of the boat is listed under each picture.
Do I need to own my own boat to join the club?
No, but if you do own a boat and you are tired of the work required to maintain it (the high cost of dockage, insurance and maintanence), we welcome a discussion regarding a qualified boat trade into the club.
Who can I bring with me on a boat?
Friends, family, guests, children and small pets as long as a member is present. You may also entertain an important business client on any of our boats. Your boat is also limited to the capacity of the boat you choose.
How do you qualify the members?
Membership is open to boaters at any skill level, from the novice to the experienced boater. We are a Private Membership Club and potential members are interviewed by a Membership Director. Members also complete a USCG educational boating course in addition to individualized “hands on” orientation courses provided by the club that are based on your comfort level and previous boating skill. Our goal is to make sure that all members have the knowledge and skill needed to boat safely. Refer to “Training” for additional details.
How do I sign up?
Contact us at 866-390-2628 xt 1 to schedule a time to visit the club. We will provide a tour of the club  facilities and show you the boats. Then, if you decide to become a member, we will complete your membership agreement and schedule a boat orientation course. Once you complete the orientation process  you get immediate access to the boats.
Are there any daily usage charges?
No, members  have no usage charges. Your only cost is the fuel that you use.

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